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Ketchikan Charter Boats Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska

Fishing Charters in Ketchikan Including: Halibut Fishing - Salmon Fishing - Sightseeing

Four-hour Salmon Book here!

Fishing charters in Ketchikan, Alaska

We are currently taking reservations.
Single guests “Four-hour Salmon” please CALL 1-907-225-7291 FOR CURRENT AVAILABILITY.”

About Ketchikan Charter Boats

Book a private Ketchikan fishing excursion on any charter
and fish for salmon or halibut or both!

Unlike many other Ketchikan Alaska fishing charter companies, We also specialize in booking single guests on our four-hour Ketchikan salmon charters. We reserve guests up to six per vessel. By adding individual people, to our Fishing charters in Ketchikan we make an affordable fishing trip of no more than six guests/soles each.
We have been doing this since 1992!
Locally owned and operated for over 28 years.
Just give us a call or email, and we will get you set up.

Ketchikan, Alaska Fishing Charters

Have you ever dreamed of fishing in protected, unspoiled waters? Ketchikan Alaska is the “Salmon Capital of the World.” With Ketchikan, Alaska fishing charters,  we know where to fish and have some of the best salmon and halibut fishing in Alaska.

Learn How to Fish in Fishing Ketchikan, Alaska

All our certified captains have the experience to teach you how to hook and help you land your Alaskan salmon or halibut—this trip of a lifetime will be a memory you treasure for years to come. You do not need to be an expert to hook and land quality size fish. Many of our fishing guests have never fished in the ocean. Some may have never been on a boat before. They will instruct you on adequately using the rods and reels and explain what to look for when the fish strikes.

Getting from the Ship to the Ketchikan, Alaska Fishing Charters

We’ll meet you at the ramp of the ship. You will be looking for the sign with the last name of the reservation (r as close as we can get). Captain Dan, or one of our other excellent fishing charter captains, will lead you to your charter. Your Ketchikan fishing trip will start with filling out the state of Alaska licensing and paying the fee  in USD. The captain will then inform everyone with a safety brief before casting off.

What you May Catch on a Four or Six-Hour Salmon Fishing Charter in Ketchikan

At Ketchikan, charter boats, depending on the time of year we target, Alaska King Salmon, Alaska Pink Salmon, Alaska Silver Salmon, and Chum, and on the occasional trip, we catch a Sockeye. (See our fish Calendar page for times)

Get To Know Our Fishing Excursions

Bigger salmon caught by a gentleman on the Michael Rae with Ketchikan Charter Boat

Four and Six-Hour Salmon Fishing Charter in Ketchikan

On your Ketchikan, Alaska salmon fishing excursions, We use downriggers on the four-hour and the six-hour salmon charters to catch your prized Alaskan salmon. A downrigger is similar to a bit of lift with a horizontal adjustable pole or boom that supports a lead cannonball, commonly 12 to 20 pounds, by a stainless steel cable (Or Heavy Duty Braided Downrigger Line). Also known as a “release,” a clip fastens the fishing line to the cannonball weight. And allows the bait or lure to drag behind the boat as it is moving forward. The pole is inserted in a holder until the fish strikes, pulling the fishing line out of the clip. This happens while the boat is moving through the water, not stationary. When the fish bites the hook, it pulls the fishing line out of the clip and you’ve caught your fish!.  Book your Ketchikan fishing excursions online today!

What a day on the water! At least 20 caught salmon on a Ketchikan Charter Boat tour.

Catch Halibut on the Six-Hour Fishing Charter in Ketchikan

On this trip, we target halibut first. When everyone retains the limit of the intended species, the captain may decide if there is a chance and enough time left over. Depending on the time of year, they may set up and troll for Alaska King Salmon, Alaska Pink Salmon, Alaska Silver Salmon, and Chum. (See our fishing calendar page for times)

A guy with a considerable halibut caught on a Ketchikan Charter Boat

Alaska Six-Hour Halibut Fishing Charter in Ketchikan

Once you get to the halibut hole, he anchors up and sets up all the fishing poles with top-quality gear and baits.

With this trip, you can hold the pole or place it on a pole holder. Every captain has their own secrets for catching Alaskan halibut they will be happy to share with you. Some let the fishing pole weight hit the bottom and then reel up just a bit so that the lead weight is not dragging the bottom so it does not get stuck. During your six-hour fishing charter in Ketchikan,  you will go out to the best Alaska fishing places for the best experience and all the time you need  to catch your limit of Southeast Ketchikan Alaska Halibut.

Private tour options are available for any one of our trips.
Give us a call!

These are our full day and sightseeing charters


Catch the Best Halibut and Salmon an Eight-Hour Fishing Charter in Ketchikan

On this Ketchikan fishing excursion, you get a combination of  our two tours.

You’ll start with the best halibut spots then move to catching salmon. 

When you pre-book the eight-hour combo, for an additional charge you can order up a box lunch or bring your own.

Once you are heading back to the dock, we help you arrange processing and shipping to have your 

“Alaskan fishing trip bragging rights” shipped right to your home. Processing is done by a third-party, andricing varies with Fed-Ex shipping location and weight. Most of the cost is  the overnight shipping.

Wildlife spotted on a Ketchikan Charter Boat sightseeing cruise.

Sightseeing and Ketchikan History From the Water

If you’d prefer to explore Ketchikan on a boat without a line in the water, our 2.5-hour sightseeing excursions show you a different side of our island. Ride through the Tongass Narrows, all while getting to experience eagles and float planes fly overhead. Watch Ketchikan

commercial fishing boats drive by and totem poles standing guard on our beautiful Ketchikan shores.

Your captain lets you in on some Ketchikan history, culture, and local Ketchikan fishing tales.

There is always the possibility of seeing black bears on the island and whales, seals, sea lions, or porpoises in the water.

You’ll soon discover that Ketchikan is a beautiful Alaskan gem. Book your Alaskan sightseeing cruise online for a real adventure!

5-Star Ketchikan, Alaska Fishing Charter Reviews

Some Good Fishing! 2022 Captain Dan - Ketchikan Charter Boats

Captain Dan was great and found us some good fishing spots. Our 6 person half-day fishing was a highlight of our trip for both the adults and the kids.

– Angela Beeson - Google Reviews
Captain Danny and his Happy guests
Great fishing trip July 2022 Captain Danny - Ketchikan Charter Boats

We had a half a day fishing trip excursion from our Alaska cruise, this was a great trip with Danny. We caught 21 pink salmon fish. it was great highly recommend Danny

– Saud1977, TripAdvisor
Larger salmon caught on a Ketchikan Charter Boat fishing tour
We all had a great time 2019 Captain Dan - Ketchikan Charter Boats

We caught eight salmon with Captain Dan. He was helpful because some of us have never been fishing before. If you are in Ketchikan, it is something that you must do.

– Steve K, TripAdvisor
A boat full of caught salmon on a Ketchikan Charter Boat
Great fishing 2021 Ketchikan Charter Boats

A great day fishing with Captain Dan. He had lots of info on the Salmon and knew exactly where to go. We caught 18 silver and 4 pinks (for the dogs). All said and done we had 48 lbs of fish to take home with us!

– Tigerpippin - TripAdvisor
Vacuum sealed salmon, ready to ship to our customer at Ketchikan Charter Boats
Fantastic Fishing Charter! 2019 Captain Danny - Ketchikan Charter Boats

Danny was very accommodating and got our fish to a processor who did exactly what we asked. My king arrived home just as promised. Danny is a great guy, trustworthy, and works hard to make it happen for his clients.

– tall tim bersde, TripAdvisor
Great fishing excursion 2021 Captian Danny - Ketchikan Charter

Danny was very accommodating and got our fish to a processor who did exactly what we asked. My king arrived home just as promised. Danny is a great guy, trustworthy, and works hard to make it happen for his clients.

– klbowen5 - TripAdvisor
Salmon caught on a Ketchikan Charter Boat fishing trip
Best Day Fishing 2018 Captain Danny - Ketchikan Charter Boats

I went with Danny as our captain, he was ready for us as we got off the cruise boat, and we were fishing very quick there was five of us fishing, and we had our goal of salmon in less than 4 hours. The limit was six apiece and had them to the processing place and back to the cruise boat in four hours.

– Larry Cutting, TripAdvisor
Girl taking a selfie with a salmon on a Ketchikan Charter Boat
We caught all the fish, not sure if there's any left :) 2021 Captian Pete - Ketchikan Charter Boats

We were just in Ketch. for a week and booked a half-day salmon trip, I believe we were out with Captain Pete!? I'm sorry I had so many names to remember and waited too long to post. If I have the name right, Captain Pete was awesome!! We caught our entire allowable catch of fresh salmon and had it all shipped home. WE ARE HAPPY! Troy drove us to the dock and was super friendly, and the Captain was there waiting for us. Let us do as much of the fishing as possible, and we were impressed with his local knowledge....he knew everything, and was super friendly as well. Great outfit, was simply awesome to be out on the boat. Thanks for being a part of our adventure!

– GarrettSmiF - TripAdvisor
Ketchikan Charter Boats
Awesome! 2021 Ketchikan Charter Boats

This was a great charter, The captain was great, very helpful. He even waited for us when our ship came an hour late. thank you

– catherinelong451 - TripAdvisor
Couple of good fish caught on Ketchikan Charter Boats
Great Charter 2019 Captain Dan - Ketchikan Charter

Captain put us on the fish. Great Charter. Would go back. Captain was very knowledgeable of the local waters and best fishing spots.

– TripAdvisor
Bald eagles spotted on a Ketchikan charter boat
Great fishing experience in Ketchikan 2019 Captain Dan - Ketchikan Charter

My husband, father, and sons went salmon fishing with Captain Dan. They had so much fun and caught 17 fish. They were able to keep 8 of them. Captain Dan even helped my 77-year-old father catch fish. My boys loved Captain Dan's humor when things got slow and had them calling the fish in!! It worked! He even called to a bald eagle, and the eagle circled the ship and caught a fish in his mouth that Captain Dan threw. Great experience for everyone. They shipped 18.5 lbs of fish to our house in VA for about $200. Totally worth it!

– Patti J Tripadvisor
Great Experience 2019 - Ketchikan Charter Boats

These guys know what they are doing. We each caught 2 fish and had many others get off. And he said the fishing was very slow.

– John 8752 Tripadvisor